Welcome to the Workshop on Isoprostanes and Omega-3 derived Lipids.

This symposium founded this year by the CNRS and CSIC will be held in Montpellier at the Montpellier Business School.

This day will be focussed on Isoprostanoids and other Omega-3 derived lipids  from their quantification in animal and vegetal matrices to their biological implications.

7 experts in the field will present their ongoing work and knowledge. The objectives are to exchange opportunities in this field and to build new perspectives on non-enzymatic metabolites of polyunsaturated fatty acids.


This Symposium is free to attend and will also provide a free lunch, and coffee breaks.

 You just HAVE TO  sent an email to jgalano@univ-montp1.fr and explain who you are

and You just need to register at this doodle link doodle


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